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Only the most pertinent information should be included. I'm trying to implement Infobox Person using as a model this page: https://en. I copied its source   Do you want to recommend edits on an existing page?

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EDIT TEMPLATE HERE *In order to get additional sections in the infobox you need to edit/add them in at the link above. If you don't want a section to be displayed, simply leave it blank. To add an infobox for a individual's page, insert the following format into the source code of your page: {{Person |title1=Example |image1=Example |caption1=Example |name=Example |aliases=Example |age=Example Uses Infobox person. An infobox for articles about people.

Only 46% of person entities in Wikidata have birth places  Do you want to recommend edits on an existing page? Infobox person. {{Infobox person}} may be used to summarize information about a particular person, usually at the top of an article.

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None of the parameters in this template are required, except Jagex-related ones when jagex is set to yes. {{Infobox Person |name = The person's name or J-Mod name. By default, this will be the article's name. |image = The file name of an image of the person.

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Pling Forsman · Category.

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is a headline named familj (family). Under this headline are mentioned  Ons 2 Jun. Tor 3 Jun. Fre 4 Jun. Lör 5 Jun. Sön 6 Jun. Mån 7 Jun. Tis 8 Jun. InfoBox OFF · InfoBox OFF. Infobox. Switch infobox OFF. Infobox. Switch infobox OFF. ca en veckas arbete/person), samt en individuell reflektionsuppgift. ERROR: Content Element type "infobox" has no rendering definition! Installationen måste kunna genomföras av en person? Den patenterade single-hand adjustment metoden och Infobox DDLS 500.
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This is an important safeguard for BLPs. military person infobox may be used to summarize information about an individual military person such as a soldier or military leader. The infobox should Module: Check for unknown parameters Template: Infobox person Category: Templates calling Infobox sportsperson Template: Infobox biathlete Template: Infobox utilized by in - person and online edit - a - thon campaigns. Having an appropriate Kjo eshte nje nenfaqe e documentacionit per Stampa:Infobox personn.

Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License; additional terms may Mallen "Faktamall biografi" kan användas för att sammanfatta information om en viss person, vanligtvis längst upp i en artikel.
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Conference (KdL) contact person · Staff Commission · To homepage; Boards, university groups and commissions; Staff Commission overview · Organization. 6. Nov. 2007 Die Dokumentation für diese Vorlage ist auf der Diskussionsseite zu finden. Fragen zum Zweck und zur Verwendungsweise sollten dort gestellt  30 Aug 2013 Populating InfoBox Databases and Knowledge Bases.

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To add an infobox for a individual's page, insert the following format into the source code of your page: {{Person |title1=Example |image1=Example |caption1=Example |name=Example |aliases=Example |age=Example |allegiance=Example |titles=Example |family=Example |origin=Example |culture=Example |religion=Example }} This version of {{Infobox person}} retrieves various parameter values from Wikidata if enabled. This will by default only fetch information that is sourced on Wikidata to a non-Wikipedia source, and only if a local value is not provided.